Are E Cigarettes Better Than Cigarettes

E Cigarettes in one format or another are very popular. Large amounts of money are being spent on the electronic equivalent of standard cigarettes. So the big question is this, Are E Cigarettes Better than cigarettes?

Reports Show Both Sides – So Be Aware!

After doing some research it seems there are many thoughts on whether E Cigarettes are better than normal cigarettes.

Many versions of E Cigarettes are smoked with nicotine filled liquid. Some are available with essential oils and others are infused with non nicotine based flavors. It goes without saying that nicotine is an addictive drug so one would assume that smoking an E Cigarette with Nicotine poses the same threat as a normal cigarette. World reports and studies have proven that smoking standard cigarettes is harmful to one’s health. This is moving many people away from standard cigarettes and they are using E Cigarettes as an alternative.

The Pros of Smoking an E Cigarette VS Standard Cigarettes.

If you want to use an E Cigarette as an interim measure to stop smoking it makes sense that they could be helpful.

Smoking a Glycerin based substance infused with a flavor may give one the feeling that they are smoking. I personally have tried this but found that I would smoke an E Cigarette and also cross over to standard cigarettes which is crazy. So discipline needs to be employed. If you choose to smoke an E Cigarette, it may be better to stick with them and slowly wean yourself off the addictive component of nicotine by adding smaller and smaller doses of the drug until there are no more withdrawal symptoms.

One needs to be aware though that there are harmful chemicals in the liquid that E Cigarettes use. Reports show that they are cancer causing. Also do not forget that one of the major issues that needs to be addressed when giving up smoking is the aspect of “Breaking The Habit.”

  • Smoking an E Cigarette does not assist in breaking the habit of smoking.

  • It may however help you to wean yourself off of standard cigarettes if you have a disciplined method and make a pact to not touch a normal cigarette whilst vaping.

  • If you smoke E Cigarettes the goal should be to slowly give up if that is your choice.

  • Smoking E Cigarettes may not be a long term solution. Further, reports do not show that smoking E Cigarettes is in any way healthy

Tobacco Companies Invest In E Cigarette Manufacturers – What Does That Tell You?

It is perfectly logical assume that savvy Cigarette Manufacturers would invest in E Cigarette companies. The Boom in e Cigarette use makes it highly profitable. Tobacco companies are also aware that the more people cross over to vaping the more their profits will be dissolved.

Vuse is owned by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, a subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc, which was acquired by British American Tobacco in 2017. MarkTen is owned by Altria Group Inc, and Blu is owned by Imperial Brands, which also owns Imperial Tobacco. In 2016, e-cigarettes took in $8,610,000,000.

Be Careful Of The Data – It May Be a Trap

Standard cigarettes have been uses for centuries. It has only recently been proven that cigarette smoking is harmful to one’s health. ( The last 30 or so years of data has proven that.)

e Cigarettes on the other hand are relatively new. So any data you read needs to be digested with that in mind. I have read two reports that show both sides of the story. This tells me that scientists have not had the time yet to prove the long term effects of smoking e Cigarettes. Maybe our own common sense should guide us:

  1. Is it logical to inhale a foreign substance of any sort into our lungs daily and expect long term benefits.
  2. Is the habit of picking up an e Cigarette or a standard cigarette daily truly beneficial?
  3. Are we aware of the actual cost of using both products on our health, well-being and on our finances.

In my estimation the long term benefits of giving up standard tobacco based cigarettes and electronic cigarettes will be proven to be healthy for us all. But if we are addicted to either one of these, the road ahead may be a tough one.

To smoke or Vape is the decision we have to make. Giving up totally is first prize!

What do you think? Share your thoughts on the subject below.We would like to hear from you.

Kindest Regards

Craig Theobald


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  1. Thought provoking article Craig. I don’t think it makes sense to put anything in your lungs. Like to hear more about potential ways to give up smoking for my mother.

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