Breathing exercises for smokers – get the answers

After a few years of smoking our lung capacity changes to such a degree that we may struggle to breathe deeply. When smoking we are already starving our system of the oxygen it needs and so it would be good to focus some attention on some breathing exercises for smokers. What we need to do is reprogramme or train our lungs to breathe deeply. These techniques also assist with anxiety and stress when we are trying to stop the habit. Not only is it healthy to learn but it assists with relaxation.

We already know that trying to quit the habit of smoking can be stressful and can make us feel on edge.

If we learn the art  of deep breathing and feel the positive effects it has on our sense of well being it may also assist in replacing the pleasure we feel when we inhale on a cigarette.

Breathing deeply offers a tremendous amount of oxygenated nourishment to the lungs and in turn our blood cells. The cleansing effect is profound.

When we breathe out the  carbon dioxide is excreted as waste. If we practice and keep at it daily, a true calming effect can be achieved that has a positive effect on the body and mind

The are two breathing exercises that can be practiced safely by almost everyone

Pursed lip Breathing process

Press the lips closely together  and in a  standing position take a long deep breath in through your nose. Your lungs will expand with Oxygen. Then , press or  purse your lips together  as if you are going to whistle. Exhale through your pursed lips, utilizing your lungs, diaphragm and airways to exhale the outgoing air from your lips, but do not force the breath outward.

Attempt to exhale for the same time as you drew a breathe in.

Breathing exercises for smokers

Breathing in a coordinated way

Coordinated breathing assists in transporting oxygen to your muscles and tissues, all of which need nourishment. This is more so when you engage in exercise. To start, breathe in through your nostrils when you begin an exercise repetition, such as a pushup. At that  juncture  when the activity becomes the toughest — such as at the top of a push up – blow air out through your closed lips slightly. Focus on doing this repetitively. Doing this will stop you from holding your breathe when you do repetitions which would starve you of nourishing air and assist in expelling carbon dioxide

Breathing from the diaphragm

The diaphragm is a muscle muscle that pulls on the lungs when you breathe, allowing you to inhale and exhale. As smokers we don’t operate as non smokers when breathing it our body may start  to call on and engage alternative muscles, from the rib cage, neck or stomach area  to inhale deeply.  To try this exercise you an lie on your back and place a  book or your hand on your tummy. Concentrate  on your hand or book as you exhale and inhale. Your hand should move upwards when you inhale  and come down when you exhale.

30 minutes a day of practice will achieve good results.

You can also attempt this in the sitting position when you are comfortable with the routine.

Breathing exercises for smokers

In summary

Breathing exercises for smokers offers assistance in nourishing the body with much needed oxygen and assists with stress management.

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  1. Hi Craig, Great looking site you have here and a subject close to home for me having been a smoker for more years than I care to remember.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Craig, I really like what you doing with your site…as a former smoker for over 20 years, quitting was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. And, the amazing thing is…..at least for me, I still desire a cigarette even right this moment! So, help as many people as you can reach!

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