Do Aromatherapy Inhalers Work – A Positive Review

Do Aromatherapy Inhalers Work? There is a great deal of hype around Aromatherapy inhalers as quit smoking aids. The reviews globally are in general very positive.

Aromatherapy Inhalers Help The Hand To Mouth Habit – Effectively

For many smokers trying to quit, the hardest part is not having an alternative to the cigarette in one’s hand.

Smokers generally pick up a cigarette without even thinking. Perhaps when answering a phone call. It could be when you have a cup of coffee, or after a meal. Aromatherapy inhalers offer a useful healthy alternative.

What I Like About Aromatherapy Inhalers:

  1. They use essential oils which produce a calming effect
  2. No Nicotine is used .
  3. The cooling effect on the mouth, especially the mint flavor is enjoyable.
  4. Aromatherapy inhalers are slim and easy to carry.
  5. One feels like you are smoking when inhaling.
  6. A good quality Aromatherapy Stick holds a good charge.

What I Don’t Like

  1. If you are on the road for an extended period and lose charge you may be tempted to buy cigarettes.
  2. You have to keep a steady supply of flavors onhand.
  3. There are a lot of cheap knock offs.

Do Aromatherapy Inhalers Work?  Many say they do !

Please let us know what your experiences were with these Inhalers below

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  1. These Aromatherapy Inhalers sound really interesting, especially to someone like me, who has been stuck on the regular vape pens for the last several years. Don’t get me wrong – I’m pleased I’ve given up smoking, but the vape pens do have nicotine in them. 

    How reasonable are the flavours? Are they expensive?

    • Hi Chris, the flavours are pretty varied with a fair range of options from coffee to mint. Depending on the type of inhaler you buy the costs vary but Amazon offers a pretty broad range

  2. First time I heard of these Aromatherapy inhalers. Is it healthy at all? I know aromatic essential oils have many health benefits. Do you inhale the fragrance or is it like an e-cigarette? 

    I agree, that the best solution to quit smoking is replacing it with a better alternative, that isn’t harmful to your lungs especially being one of the most important organs in your body. 

    • They are healthy actually, the oils calm the mood. Aromatherapy oils are full of health benefits. Of course if one can totally stop all forms of smoking I would have to agree that is better. 

  3. How do aromatherapy inhalers compare to e-cigarettes? Are they a healthier option? Aromatherapy anything sounds tempting. How expensive are they to buy? If they are more expensive than regular cigarettes it will be harder for people to use them over cigarettes. In general, they sound really good- thanks for the recommendation!

    • Hello Hollie, They are similar to e cigarettes , but are better as they do not use nicotine at all. They make use of aromatherapy essential oils which are natural and actually therapeutic. The cost varies on the quality of the inhaler you buy. The decent ones start at around US$15. 

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