Does Champix Work – A Firsthand experience

You may have tried so many methods in your attempt to quit smoking. Does Champix work?

It does work ! I have been smoking between 20 and 30 a day for 5 years. Champix has been the only method for me that has worked on 2 different occasions successfully.

Why do I say on 2 occasions? Well I picked up a cigarette after 3 months of being smoke free again due to stress. So there is a but, read on and find out why.

What you need to know is this – It works,  but..

If you follow the instructions on the box and take each tablet as advised you will stop smoking.

Champix is a drug, and a component of that drug blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain within about 10 to days.

It is so effective that you literally wake up one day and your brain no longer sees you as a smoker.

Champix is revolutionary and I believe in time, drug manufacturers will design a drug to deal with other addictions in a similar way.

If you start the medicine as prescribed, you will notice a change in the taste of cigarettes within about 5 to 7 days. After which you will not feel like smoking anymore.

I have just quit again using Champix and rate this solution very highly. It certainly assists with the nasty withdrawal symptoms and it is sold relatively cheaply. Especially if you compare its price to a months supply of cigarettes.

You do need to get a prescription from your doctor. He will give you a three-month supply. Once you quit, do not stop taking the course. Follow the 3-month course to the very end…. Why ?

I believe the manufacturers know a little something about habits and the length of time it takes for new habits to form in the synapses of the human brain.

3 Months gives you a greater chance of forming new habits whilst the drug does its job daily over that period.

I am enjoying every day cigarette free. I breathe easy, I am exercising again and have no desire to pick up a smoke again….

There is however a BUT as I said above ….

If you allow Champix to work, it will stop you from smoking! But once that 3-month course is over, you cannot pick up a cigarette again. Not even once. Believe me I fell into that trap. A stressful day followed by a stupid decision to just have one cigarette, started the whole habit up again.

If I had just gone for a walk I would have been fine.

So yes Champix works extremely well but you still need to to work on forming new habits.

When the drug kicks in I suggest you take some time to actually take note of just how much better you feel.

Appreciate what the Champix has just done for you.

Make a mental note daily of the positives. Reinforce as many positives as you can…. and never pick up a cigarette again.

I am not aware of anyone that I have met who has used Champix without success. It is a great solution if you follow the course and apply a bit of self-discipline.

The first time I took the drug, I did have a few colorful dreams and some people do say the drug keeps you awake. We are all different and all drugs have at least some side effects. But the side effects are not comparable to long term smoking that is for sure.

If you want to reach out and ask me any questions you are most welcome. I would also like to hear your experience with Champix

Take Care and stay cigarette free

Craig Theobald

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