How to detox your lungs after smoking

It was once thought that black lungs can never rejuvenate.

Now advancements in  medicine have shown that  herbal and traditional remedies could in fact inhibit total lung damage.

How to detox your lungs after smoking is now taken very seriously as it is effective.

Although the cleansing process may take many years you can take immediate steps to achieve relief quickly.

Here is  How To Detox your lungs after smoking, assuming you have quit.

1. Eat raw honey 
Make sure you consume 1 tablespoon of raw honey every day.

Even after many years of smoking people report that they started coughing up tar just 1 week after honey therapy.

They also enjoyed increased vigor and energy levels.

Honey is known to have an abundance of  antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Honey is also rich in minerals that promote tissue repair.

2.  Avoid mucus forming foods

Processed meat, dried and frozen convenience foods ,fast foods and dairy and non dairy confections trigger mucus production.

Even starchy vegetables and fruits along with fatty oils from Avocado,corn and canola stimulate mild production of mucus.

So eliminate the former types in your diet and consume the latter amounts.

Instead Eat more alkaline foods like root vegetables,leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables,cayenne pepper, garlic,lemon and raisins.

3. Consume Chlorophyll rich foods

Juiced wheatgrass , Spirulina ,Chlorella, Blue green algae and sprouted seeds and nuts are known to cleanse the system.

They also increase the bodies oxygen uptake by producing more  blood.

Raw foods cleanse the blood,organs and tissues from debris.

This offers a two fold benefit.

4: Breathe Deeply

Smoking damages the lungs air sacs which inflate and deflate as gases are exchanged .

These sacs struggle to operate efficiently when cigarette smoke enters them.

When they are irritated the walls collapse so they become bigger,making it difficult for the smoker to take deep breaths.

This eventually results in breathlessness as air sac damage progresses.

Ephysema, which happens when the air sacs are destroyed, is irreversible, so its imperative that smoking is stopped before that condition sets in.

To exercise the lungs you need to inhale slowly and deeply so the tissues oxygenate well.

5. Get a Massage

Massage distributes Lymph evenly throughout the body

Lymph is a clear fluid that moves through the blood vessels and travels within tissues to keep the body clean.

Massage also promotes deep breathing which is essential to exercise your lungs. You must drink plenty of warm water to drain toxins.

6.  Cleanse more effectively using herbs

Milk Thistle – Is the most promising cure for lung cancer

Thistle contains an agent called Silibinin, which halts the progress of cancer by rehabilitating damaged lung tissues.

It is suggested that you drink two cups a day for healthier lungs and healthier liver.

Those who wonder how to detox your lungs after smoking with the hope of reversing damage can see from the advice given here that doing so seems easy. The real challenge is sticking with the daily regimen but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Kind regards

Craig Theobald

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