Does smoking affect your liver?

Firstly when you light up a cigarette understand that more than 4000 toxic chemicals with harmful effects that impact on almost every organ in the body are being activated by you. Does smoking affect your liver?

To answer the question , you have to understand what the livers function is.

Your Liver is responsible for cleaning toxins from your body

Your liver is the bodies filter or cleaning organ and it can be damaged by too many toxins. When you keep overloading your liver with toxins it will struggle and be damaged at some stage..

In addition reports show that if not kept in check your liver develops scar tissue. Further to this, once your liver develops scar tissue it will not function as well and may become diseased.

The chance of developing Liver cancer is increased if you smoke as the toxins from cigarette smoke cannot continuously be filtered through the liver without causing harm.

Think of the liver like you would a filter on a car. If your filter is not cleaned or changed your car will not function properly.

What does the Nicotine in Cigarettes do to your liver?

Nicotine is quickly absorbed through your lungs during smoking and is quickly metabolized in your liver.

The three negative effects to you are:

  1. Your immune system is negatively effected by the toxins and nicotine.
  2. Further to that, the risk of you developing tumors in the liver and other organs of the body are greater.
  3. Least of all , Cell damage to your liver will occur.

So what have you learned?

Does smoking affect your liver – Yes it does!

When you would like to quit smoking and liver a healthier life you may like to explore various methods to assist…

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