Kerry Gaynor method quit smoking

You might like to try The Kerry Gaynor Method to quit smoking.

It is a well-used and successful smoking cessation program designed over a 35-year period by the well-known hypnotherapist Kerry Gaynor.

From positive reports given the Kerry Gaynor Method to quit smoking is easy to use and from the testimonials’ given, many have stopped smoking in 7 days

If you use The program as instructed it  boasts an 85% success rate and a no questions asked money back guarantee is also very attractive.

How Does The Kerry Gaynor Method Work?

  • The Kerry Gaynor Method is made up of three 60 minute video sessions, which you watch 5 to 7 days apart.
  • The first 40 minutes of each session puts you in the same therapy session that Kerry gives to all his patients in person.
  • This is then followed by the modification of behavior section, where you are placed in a natural state of relaxation by Kerry.
  • This changes the way you think about smoking forever.
  • If you were to make an appointment to see Kerry personally it would cost you around $900, and he has a long waiting list!
  • With The Kerry Gaynor Method videos, you are able to watch them at home in your own time and they are far more cost effective.
  • Nobody offers a 30-day money back guarantee if they are not convinced that their product works.

BONUS: The Kerry Gaynor Method to quit smoking is also supplied with free supplemental sessions in the Limited DVD box set or in the Companion application, which you can download today at zero charge from the Google Play store or iTunes.

Is The Kerry Gaynor Method easy to follow?

The Kerry Gaynor Method sessions were designed to be as simple as possible. Of course, you have to have the desire to quit smoking or nothing will help, but The Method can help you quit.

Many have successfully quit smoking by using the Kerry Gaynor method All you have to do is set up your online streaming or put on the DVD, follow the steps and in just 2 weeks you could be an ex smoker.

The solution is made up of three, one hour sessions. You MUST NOT watch them all at once. You start with the first video and then you watch the second one 5 to 7 days later followed by the last video another 5 to 7 days after that.

How effective is The Kerry Gaynor Method?

  1. An internal test was setup similar to a home environment and an 85% success rate was achieved.
  2. Individual results will vary from person to person, but if you have a real desire to stop smoking and you are prepared to follow the instructions given – by watching each session alone, undisturbed and 5-7 days apart – The Method can be extremely effective.

Will these videos definitely work better than a face to face consultation with Kerry Gaynor?

The three one hour consultations online or via the purchased DVD is the same as if you had a personal consultation with Kerry Gaynor.

With an 85% hit rate and money back guarantee the program is worth it.

Will I experience any side effects or cravings?

  • Most of the people tested did not crave cigarettes at any time during The Method after Session 2.
  • It has been reported that many successful non-smokers did not crave cigarettes months and even years after using the method.
  • The approach used will adjust the way you think about addiction.
  • It’s this perspective adjustment, together with hypnotherapy that most people do not struggle from cravings.

Will I gain weight once I stop smoking?

While results do vary from person to person, in the vast majority of testing done, no signs of weight gain were seen.

Contrary to this fear, some people have even mentioned that they lost weight.

Can I continue to smoke during the Kerry Gaynor method ?

This question worries a lot of people as the fear of having to go cold turkey seems too much to bear. You need not be concerned. You will not quit immediately after your first session. It’s usually after the second session that you will notice the change in your thought patterns. Of course if you feel like quitting from the start that is not a problem, but you must complete the entire 3-hour course as per the instructions given

I hope you enjoy success with the Kerry Gaynor Method

Craig Theobald

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